Personal and Professional Coach

I am a personal and professional development coach that helps my clients experience lasting change that leads to a happier and more successful life.

As a certified iPEC leadership coach (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and having earned a PhD in Organizational Communication, I help clients create new ways of thinking and behaving through:

  • Critical outside perspectives
  • Interpersonal expertise
  • Transformative communication
  • Dynamic thinking strategies
  • Understanding behavior dynamics

As a result, my clients have tools that allow them to more effectively engage in conflict, create deeper and more meaningful relationships and pass on their new found strengths to others.

Most often I help clients address these areas in life:

  • Dealing with life changes such as aging and relational shifts that come with retirement
  • Adjusting to changing family structure such as empty nesting and divorce
  • Improving current interactions with people both at home and in their professional life
  • Getting unstuck
  • Contemplating one’s legacy and what to do now

Recently, I walked down life’s road with a client who was desperate to “figure out” what to do with her relationship and profession. She recognized that it wasn’t healthy and that she wasn’t happy but she had no tools for navigating what to do next. She wasn’t sure how to navigate this life change.

Through great care, one-on-one time and building trust, I introduced new ways of thinking and executable strategies. As a result of our coaching, she was able to confidently come to a decision and act on it.

In only a few months, my client began to see new possibilities and experience genuine happiness. Ultimately, she not only walked through the divorce confidently, she’s applied the tools and thinking strategies to her work team — further passing along happiness to others. Today, she is leading a more successful, resilient and fulfilled life.

So, whether my clients are seeking a healthier lifestyle, desiring to communicate more effectively or dealing with very hard life events, I am passionate about equipping my clients with the thought patterns, tools and support so they move beyond surviving and into a thriving life.

My desire is for each client to live a resilient and flourishing life.