Coaching Services

 As an executive coach and professional accountability partner, Andrea brings a thoughtful approach to learning about each client and uncovering fundamental issues and broken patterns of thinking. Through a highly personalized and confidential process, Coach Andrea creates a custom plan to help you start living a flourishing life.

Andrea’s coaching philosophy strives to create sustainable change in people’s lives. Whether your process begins in your professional life or your personal life, actively pursuing the best version of yourself leads to a fulfilling and flourishing life.  Frequent coaching topics include: 

  • Changing life – Learn how to deal with life changes that feel overwhelming
  • Living Healthy – Learn how to address the emotions and thought processes that hold people back from their healthy goal
  • Speaking Wisely – Learn how to change thought processes and implement new speaking strategies that work in productive communication


One-on-One Personal Coaching 

Description:  Confidential, one-to-one coaching with Andrea Lewis that is typical 1.5 hrs per week.

Approach:  In-person, via Zoom platform or over the phone.

Process:  Every client has a unique story and life experiences that frame how we see and make sense of the world. My coaching style identifies patterns that hold people back from attaining their goals and incorporates ones that are more conducive to attaining goals and living a flourishing life.  For instance, a client may want closer relationships in life. Coaching will help identify what’s holding that goal back and then offer tools and strategies that are more productive.

Success Story:  “Mary” called me to discuss wanting to quit her job and find something that was more challenging and inspiring.  In short, she felt uninspired in life. Through her coaching program, she realized that she’d always opted for the easiest path in life – and this led her to a personal and professional life that was easy, but not challenging or inspiring.  Through one-on-one personal coaching, she learned new ways of thinking and implemented tools to increase communication, ambition and curiosity in both her marriage and work life.  


One-on-One Executive Coaching

Description:  Confidential, one-to-one coaching with Andrea Lewis that is typical 1.5 hrs per week focused primarily on business and executive improvements such as:  

  • Creating mission and vision
  • Developing high potential and high performance employees
  • Leadership training
  • Addressing conflict with employees and teams
  • Creating/changing culture 

Approach:  In-person, via Zoom platform or over the phone. 

Process: Through a series of in-depth and confidential discussions with senior leaders, Coach Andrea listens and identifies values.  She leads working sessions with key leaders and staff to reflect and write a mission and vision statement that aligns with their core values.  Clients receive a list of recommendations for applying the mission and values into the company’s culture. 

Success Story.  A local public service and environmental firm had an annual service award dinner where employees were recognized for achieving company benchmarks.  Although the company loved the idea of hosting the annual event, they recognized that their current celebration format was unstructured and outdated.  Through executive coaching, we provided presentation training and taught leaders how to write and deliver congratulatory speeches. We even worked to review and update the format of the annual awards banquet.   Today, they have a service award dinner that more closely aligns with their company values, more effectively appreciates their staff and creates a more enjoyable experience.  


Mastermind Coaching 

Description: A group coaching experience that meets twice a month for 3 – 12 months.  The coaching group is composed of like minded individuals who come together to set goals, have accountability and celebrate successes.  Groups are 8-10 people and address topics such as:

  • Small business leadership
  • Small business development
  • Healthy eating and fitness
  • Professional development

Custom Mastermind Groups are available for specific topics, themes or needs.

Approach: In-person or via Zoom platform

Process:  Andrea Lewis leads a proven process for setting and attaining goals.  The small group environment serves as an accountability and support “board” that are trusted and confidential partners.

Success Story:  In an effort to grow their business, the owner of a local butcher shop joined our Small Business Leadership Mastermind.  Through our proven goals-based approach, we helped transform a list of desired outcomes into specific, measurable and achievable goals.  This process enabled their business to meet goals and implement new services such as curbside pick-up and on-line ordering. Ultimately, the local butcher shop was more organized and profitable.   


Professional Speaker 

Description: As an engaging, down-to-earth and professionally trained speaker, Andrea presents keynotes or seminars to business leaders.  Key speaking themes include:

  • Leadership
  • Reinventing Your Company Culture
  • The Value of Defining “Your Why” 
  • Aligning Mission and Vision
  • Why Your Not Maximizing Your Employees’ Performance – Learn the Tools of Emotional Intelligence
  • Do one for social intelligence too

Customize presentations are available for specific groups, organizations and conferences

Approach: In person charismatic presentations filled with story-telling and humor.  Andrea brings deep insights from her research and professional experience.

Process:  Meet with key organizers to learn the goals and objectives. Develop a presentation, customized to the audience needs that clearly defines key concepts and aligns with the objectives. Delivers the presentation and includes follow-up/action steps for the participants.

Presentation Spotlights:  

  • Algonquin IL Chamber of Commerce “Creating, Defining and Executing Achievable Goals”
  • Rockford IL Metropolitan Area Developers “Key Principles in Developing Culture in Remote Workforces”
  • Clarke Environmental Services “Why Speech Preparation Matters: Taking Your Presentation to the Next Level”
  • Personal Development Mastermind “Leadership Matters: Implementing Emotional Intelligence into Your Skillset”
  • Personal Development Mastermind “Leadership Matters: Social Intelligence and Your Success”
  • Personal Development Mastermind “Improving your Relationships: Three Keys to Successful Interaction with Others”